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Get paid to chat to men online.
Get paid to chat to men online. Photo: Pixabay



Get paid to text, chat and flirt with men online by using your P.C, tablet or cellphone.

Top text chat operators earn over $1000 a month.

You can earn money by chatting via your cellphone, phone PSO or webcam.

There are different types of text chat operators being:

Customer service for companies.

Adult text chat operators, this is what this blog post is about.

This blog post is about what you need, how much you could earn, equipment needed to become an adult chat operator online.

By working as an adult chat operator, you could earn $200 plus a week or more.

Working as an adult text chat operator, you will be able to work from home (or anywhere) and set your own hours.

This post is about getting paid to text chat to men online; it is of an adult nature and may not be suited for everyone.

If you think you would like to get paid to be an adult text chat operator, then this post will tell you more about what you need to know.

Do you enjoy chatting, texting and talking away on your cellphone?

Are you spending a lot of time in chat rooms, chatting to people?

Have you ever thought of being a text chat operator online by using your cellphone, laptop, PC or tablet?

By being a chat operator, you could earn yourself good extra money monthly.

Are you a flirty person, have you got a wild imagination and are able to come up with different scenarios quickly?

Are you a good storyteller?

Can you take the lead in the conversations with men when you need to and keep the chat flowing?

There are many online chat and texting websites when men actively seek a woman to chat to and then pay them for the time spent chatting with them online.

When working as a chat operator texting and chatting to men online, you will be discussing many different topics.

Being broadminded as well as open-minded will help when chatting and texting with men online.

If you tend to be a faint of heart person, then maybe adult texting and chatting may not be ideal for you.

Topics may include:

General day to day chats

Flirty chats

Strong adult-orientated chats (these chats will be of a sexual nature).

Chats all to do with Domination.

Chats all to with Fetishes

Lesbian orientated chats

Remember to research and find as much as you can about the different companies you want to apply to as a chat, text operator online.

When researching the websites, you want to apply for have a look at the following websites and read reviews people give.

If you do not live in America, Canada or Europe, there are text chat companies that hire people worldwide.

Think you want to become a webcam model?

smartphone, phone, call
Get paid to chat to men online, photo: Pixabay


Lonely people needing to chat with someone.

People looking for a sexual release.

Recently divorced, looking for comfort or a sexual connection with someone.

People just wanting to get off.

Women also make use of adult chat lines.

Shy, introverted people, needing some human interactions.


Think of a fictional character for yourself to play out when chatting, texting men online.

Take on a new persona.

Make your profile photos (if you have them) stand out.

Make your photos inviting so that men want to chat with you and no one else.

Write a good profile to go along with your photos.

If you are working as an adult chat operator, lists the topics you chat about and topics you do not chat about.

If the website you work for allows you to sell private photos of yourself and you do so, you can earn yourself passive income.

Have something that makes you stand out.

Make sure to read through your employment contract and that you understand the terms and conditions.

Only do what you feel comfortable doing.

If being an adult chat operator is not for you here more ways for you to earn extra money:

Get paid for writing lists

Get paid to test websites

Get paid to write articles

Get paid to walk dogs

20 International surveys to join in 2020


One of the downsides to finding work online as a chat, text operator is there are many scams and scammers out there.

Never pay for a job as text, chat operator online.

Neither should you pay start-up or admin fees for a job.

Do not pay for the company to buy equipment for may need, e.g. headphones, earbuds and, laptop.

You should be able to buy your own equipment.


If you think you want to apply to become a chat operator and get paid to chat to men online, then here are things you may need for the job.

You must be 18, and older, some of the chat websites have an age requirement of 21 or even 25 years old.

If you have experience working as a chat operator, it should count in your favour.

Not to worry if you do not have any experience, most companies do offer training and support.

A P.C, tablet or laptop with a stable internet connection, most companies prefer that you have a high-speed connection.

Some of the companies do allow you to use your cellphone/smartphone or a tablet.

Headphones or earbuds.

Excellent command of English, in grammar, writing and spoken English.

There are adult chat operator companies that employ people who speak the following languages:







Most companies will require you to send a minimum number of text messages a month.

A fast, accurate typing speed, companies may require you to be able to type 60wpm or even 80wpm if you want to work for them.

There are many free typing courses, you can do to improve your typing speed and for you to find out how many words you type a minute.

Companies may ask you to sit a test first and ask you to answer questions similar to questions you will answer when working on the chat line.

You might even have to write a few sentences to the company on why they should hire you.

A great sense of humour may help you working when working as a chat operator online.

Be sure to complete your profile and make it stand out from the crowd.

If getting paid to chat to men online is not for you, then read this post on 35 Ways for stay-at-home moms to make money.

How to get paid to sell photos of your feet online.

Find out how you can make money by selling nude photos of yourself online.

Weird ways for women to make money.

Do you love animals?

Did you know their websites you can sign up to and become a dog walker, pet sitter, doggy daycare?

How to get paid to be a dog walker.


Payments will vary depending on which company you are working for.

The amount of time and effort you put in.

You earn money for every text you answer.

Your earnings will also depend if the company takes a percentage of your earnings and if so, how much they take.

Some companies pay on a sliding scale being the longer you work for the company, the more you will earn.

Some companies pay native English speakers more than non-native speakers.

Whilst researching the lowest payment per message sent is 0.05 American cents, and the most is 0.60.

Video and voice chat will earn you more money than text chats.

Many of the companies say that you could earn an extra $200 upwards a week.

Some of the websites say you could/can earn up to $500 a week, and you can earn bonuses if you write a lot of messages and work weekends.

Payment is made weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.

Payment is made via:

PayPal read their policy on adult sales.

Bank transfer



Many of the companies have rules you have to follow when working for them.

If you break the rules, you may be penalized and therefore lose some of your pay.

Read the company rules carefully, so you do not end up having money deducted from you.


Do not ever give out your personal information online:

Real name


Your phone number

Where you work if you have a 9-5 if you are doing this job to earn extra income.

Social media account details

Do not become involved with people you chat with even if they promise they will pay you lots of money for doing so.

There are adult staffing sites that list jobs for adult text chat operators.

  1. Adult
  2. Adult

There are many websites you can apply to for work as an adult text chat operator and get paid to chat to men online.

Get paid to text, chat online with men. 10 Websites that pay you.

The pros of working as an adult text chat operator online.

You can work from home and set your own hours, which offers you flexibility.

No formal qualifications are needed.

Potential to earn good money.

The cons of working as an adult text chat operator online.

Topics of discussion may not suit everyone.

Can lose income if you are penalized.


You won’t become a millionaire by being a chat text operator, but you can earn extra money.

Now that you have more information on how to become an adult text operator that gets paid cash by being flirty with men online.

Is it something you will be applying for to earn extra money for yourself?

Leave a comment and let me know what your thoughts are on being an adult text chat operator, have you worked as one before or know someone who has?

What type of online, work from home are you interested in knowing more about?

Thank you for reading please remember to share this post. I would be very grateful, thank you!

Get paid to text, chat and flirt with men online.
Get paid to text, chat and flirt with men online.

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