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People from all over the world can start blogs, and it is easy and not that costly.

You can write about any topic that interests you or something you want to share with the rest of the world. To start a blog, you do not need to have specific qualifications or a degree.

It may be easy to start blogging, but continuing to work on your blog is another matter altogether. Most people give up on their blogging journey after a month because they not receiving thousands of monthly visitors.

Making money from a blog is a long-term plan. You need to stick it out. You may make some money within a few months or even earn a full-time income a few years after starting your blog.

There are numerous ways to earn money in blogging, like having ads displayed on your blog, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and membership access to certain content on your blog.

You can choose to write about anything you like! Whether it’s something you’re passionate about, an area of expertise or your own lived experiences, the options are pretty much endless.


Yes, you read that correctly. People make money selling feet pics online, and it can be very lucrative.

Anyone 18 years and older can sell feet pictures online, even if you think your feet are unattractive. People buying feet pictures want to have a variety of pictures to choose from. If you are wondering about showing your face, don’t worry; you do not have to.

So, who buys feet pictures?

Apart from people who have a foot fetish, a foot fetish is one of the most common fetishes. Bloggers may need to use feet pics in their content. Companies that sell products related to foot content, like beauty salons, offering foot massages. Stock photo sites also buy foot pictures to sell on their website.

Many small businesses need foot pictures for their advertising or for their product packaging.

Not only do people make money selling foot pics online, but do you know that people also make money selling sexy photos online?

How To Start Selling Sexy Photos Online.


Okay, let’s face it: there is no set price for feet pics. A photo can sell for as little as $5 dollars and go up all the way to $500 plus. If you over-custom foot content to buyers, then this can help you earn more money. Make sure that your content is unique and stands out from the sea of sellers.

A few factors that can determine the selling price of feet pictures:

A lot of the prices are determined by:

The platform you are selling your foot content on: FunWithFeet is a good site if you are new to selling foot pics online. The platform is open to people worldwide.

How well-known is your brand? Are you active on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat?

Who is buying your pictures? Do you have regular buyers? And how active are you in promoting your content?


Fun With Feet is a great site for selling foot content online. It is open to people worldwide to buy and sell all things foot-related. Selling foot pictures on Fun With Feet is a great way to make extra money. The site is easy, safe, and straightforward.

How Does Fun With Feet Work

Fun With Feet is a subscription-based site where you can join and sell feet pics and videos.

It is a fun and interestingly weird way to make money online globally.

Selling on the platform, sellers can be creative and play around with different themes and ideas. Different poses and backgrounds, like poses on a sandy beach, filling the bath with bubbles and painting your toenails in different colours.

Fun With Feet also has helpful resources for people wanting to sell feet pictures and videos online. The Fun With Feet website has many helpful resources for those looking to sell their pics and videos.

The tutorials include tips on how to take better photos and videos and on marketing your foot content.


Selling underwear online is another weird way to make money online, and it is not only for people living in the US, Canada, and Europe but also for people from all over the world.

Selling used underwear is not complicated, and I’m sure you already have a lot of it in your drawer or closet.

There is a huge market for unwashed underwear, bras, socks, panties, and stockings. Do you know that people also buy smelly, worn-out shoes? Used underwear can fetch high prices for the right buyer, up to $200.

So, how much do sellers charge for used underwear on average? The average price ranges from $10 to $100 a pair.

One of the best-known marketplaces for used underwear is Sofia Gray. The platform is open to people globally; you must be 18 years old and older to sign up and join the site.

Sofia Gray make money selling used socks online.
Make money selling used underwear online.

However, selling used underwear can be competitive, and you will need to stand out from the sea of sellers.

When shipping used underwear to buyers, make sure you ship the item displayed in the pics; dont dupe clients and send another item. Buyers want to know they can trust you. Properly package the item.

Selling used underwear online can be lucrative. Although it may seem like a weird way to make money, some sellers earn over $2000 a month doing so.


Right, oh, what do you usually do with a pair of smelly shoes? Clean the pair of shoes so they smell fresh again.

Well, do you know that people sell their smelly, stinky used shoes online for cash? Yes, I know you might think it’s a joke, but no, this is yet another weird side hustle to make money.

Believe it or not, there are people out there who, like the perfect pair of used underwear, will also pay big bucks for the perfect pair of stinky shoes they are after. Strange, but the smelly the shoes, the higher people typically charge.

Hey, think about it: you could offer combo deals on used socks and shoes. Or used underwear and smelly shoes. By showing buyers photos of you wearing the items, the better. Add a little description of what you did when you wore the items.


Do you enjoy spending time with people? Are you the kind of person who likes to give hugs, even if you do not know the person?

Have you heard of people who work as professional cuddlers? Yes, this is a real thing. People make money by being cuddle companions. Okay, not all of us like hugging and being close to each other, especially if we do not know the person.

So, are you keen on trying to become a professional cuddler to make extra cash on the side?

Sadly, the world has many people who are lonely and have no one to comfort them when they need a hug or something to be with them. They miss the physical touch.

Professional cuddlers are there to help people with their emotional needs and not anything sexual!

You can join Cuddle Companions to work as a professional cuddler and comfort people. Cuddle Companions is open to people living in many different countries around the world, including South Africa.

Please make sure to read the terms and conditions so you know what the good policies and procedures are for you to follow as a professional cuddler.

Cuddle Companions is a site that helps connect people who want to cuddle with professional cuddlers. The service is completely platonic. Joining the site is easy. Simply create a profile and proceed from there. Professional cuddles charge clients per session.


Are you an outgoing person who enjoys meeting new people? Do you know that you can rent out your friendship and make money on the side? If you dont want to meet in person, you can also be a virtual friend.

Renting out your friendship, you can do various activities with strangers, like going to picnics, the movies, dinner, theme parks, and sporting activities.

Virtual friendship is chatting with people online via webcam from home or remotely. You can teach people a new skill or a new language, play video games, or do whatever the person wants to do with their virtual time.

Rent-A-Friend is one of the oldest sites where people from many different countries around the world can join and rent out their friendships.

Rent A Cyber Friend is a site people can join to rent out their friendships online.


Right, being a life is definitely not for everyone. However, if you are 100% comfortable posing in your birthday suit, then this could be a way for you to make extra money.

Not shy to pose semi-nude or fully nude in front of strangers for anywhere from an hour to three hours. Private art classes, university art classes and even online art classes pay for life models.

Please note that if you are uncomfortable with the idea of undressing, then this is not the job for you! If you are comfortable with undressing in front of strangers and remain in the same position for a long time, then find out where you can apply to pose for art classes in your city or town.

Life modelling can be a fun, weird side hustle.

To find out about getting paid to get naked, read this detailed post about the topic.


Make money chatting with strangers on Chat Recruit.

Another weird side hustle that is not for everyone, and if you do not like the idea of flirty with strangers online, then think carefully before you apply to work as an adult text chat host online.

Chatrecurit hires chat hosts to work online chatting with strangers. Not only can you work as a chat host, but they also hire online chat physics, webcam babes, and phone chatters.



ChatOperatorJob is a company that is constantly looking for home-based chat operators.

The company has several entities around the world, such as in Hong Kong and Georgia, and claims to be a reliable company with an outstanding track record.


You must be 18 years and older.

You must be a native English speaker.

Have access to a desktop computer or laptop (notebook).

Stable internet connection.

You must be willing to partake in strong adult-orientated messages.

Have a bank account. Payments are made weekly into your bank account ONLY!

You are responsible for paying your taxes. You are hired as a self-employed contractor.

Experience is a big plus.


According to the website, pay is up to 0.15 EUR per message

Payments are weekly

Work hours are flexible

Fantasy text chat operator jobs.
Fantasy text chat operator jobs.


Do you have lovely, long, beautiful hair?

Selling hair online can be a lucrative, weird way to make money online. Visit It is a global marketplace which connects buyers with sellers. As long as your hair is 6 inches and longer, you can sell it on the platform. Prices vary greatly:

Hair length

Colour and texture of hair

Is it virgin hair

Is the hair chemically processed

How damaged is the hair?

Hair in excellent condition, long in length, could fetch up to $4000.

Selling hair online is a way to earn extra money, but before you do, please do more research to find out which platform sellers highly recommend. Look after your hair and keep it in tip-top condition.


Okay, this one is a way to make some extra money getting paid for your opinion.

You can get paid for your opinions by taking online surveys or participating in online or in-person focus groups. Some websites pay people to test products at home and give their honest feedback about using the products. What did you like and dislike about the products you tested?

While we are talking about getting paid to test products, do you know people make money or receive adult toys for free by testing them in the comfort of their own homes? Yes, if you want to find out more about this, please read the following post:

How To Make Money Testing Sex Toys At Home.

Taking online surveys is popular for people from all over the world to make money online. However, please remember that the pay is nothing fantastic, but I have read of people claiming to make over $300 a month by taking online surveys.

I like that most of the online survey companies pay via cash or you can opt for gift vouchers from many different stores. Store may differ depending on the survey site and the country you reside in.

Some of the most popular survey sites you can sign up and join to make some extra money online:


When you choose a weird side hustle to make money, take some time to think about what skills and experience you have that will be good to use for jobs you want to apply for and make money.

What hours and how many hours can you work daily, weekly or monthly on the side hustle?

When is the best time to work? Is it in the mornings, late afternoons, or at night when the house is nice and quiet? Are you going to be dedicated, or do you just want something to keep you busy for a while?

Does the job you require need money upfront, like selling used underwear on Sofia Gray? They have a small membership fee. Likewise with

When you start working online and making money, it is a good idea to keep track of what you are spending on the job and how much money you are earning. Keep all this safe. If you reach the income level that requires you to pay tax, then you already have all the details.

When it comes to taxes, check what the requirements are for the country you live in. I dont think you want to be on the wrong side of the tax man. I sure don’t.

Be very careful when choosing one or more of the weird side hustles to make money, and check by researching online to find out more about what people have to say.

Take time to read the terms and conditions before you sign on the dotted line.

There are many strange ways for people worldwide to make money online or by working from home. It is up to you to decide whether to try them out or not.

There are so many fun and unique ways to earn money on the side – which will you try?

Where to sell used socks for money online.
Find out where to sell used socks for money online.


When it comes to choosing a weird side hustle, think about what you enjoy doing and what you may be willing to explore as a way to earn money. What is totally of limits?

What are you good at? Can you keep a conversation going? Do you have a bubbly personality? How much time can you put into the side hustle? How much money do you want to make?


Flexible working hours: work the hours that suit you

The job does not require previous experience or special skills

Work in the comfort of your own home

Work remotely

No upfront fee required

Something different for you to make good money

You could also look for a side hustle that could lead to building a small business or being a full-time job. For example, you might freelance as a graphic designer or writer and eventually do that full-time. Or you might start reselling items and turn that into a full-time business.

When looking for a side hustle, make sure you’re careful about scams. Watch out for listings that ask for a big fee upfront or sound too good to be true. Think about what matters most to you before moving forward.



When it comes to weird side hustles, some of the popular ones are:

Selling feet pics online

Selling used underwear and socks online

Creating adult content to sell online, like sexy photos and naughty videos

Online adult text chat hosts: this one is very popular in South Africa

Adult phone actress operators


There are numerous weird side hustles for people to make money working at home.

Have a look at some of the popular ways listed above. Most of the ways can be done at home.


How much you could earn will depend on the side hustle. Do you have a big following on social media? How are you promoting your content? Are you engaging with your followers?

Selling used underwear can be very lucrative. Some of the top sellers earn over $3000 a month, but according to Sofia Gray, they are active sellers. Creating digital content and selling it online can also be a good way to make money online, and some creators are earning over $10,000 a month doing so.


Before you consider one or more of the weird side hustles to make money, please consider whether you are 100% comfortable with them. You dont want to dread having to log online to work and just wait for it to be over.

The thing about weird side hustles is that they can be very lucrative. Adult entertainers are earning big bucks; some earn over $20,000 a month. Reaching this level of income is unlikely to happen overnight but rather over time with hard work and lots of effort.

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